you've mentioned that Root + Restore content grows and changes with the individual as they grow and change.

how exactly does that work ?

Yes! Let's talk about that! The focus of Root + Restore's content and exercises is you, the individual. Thankfully, we all grow and change over time.

As you grow and change as an individual, professional and/or small business owner, your insights, goals and perspective will change too. Asking yourself the same questions over time will allow for you to see the growth you have experienced and see clearly how your goals and dreams have grown with you. With continued self-study, your insights from the material will be different every time because you are growing and changing! 

when/where can root + restore be used in my business?

Awesome question! Root + Restore can be beneficial in any of the following situations: 

  • Corporate Team Build
  • Team Retreat
  • Conference Workshop- any one topic can be presented 
  • Professional Conference- any one topic can be presented
  • Creative Entrepreneur- join us at a retreat, in-person or online workshop! 
  • Small Business owner- join us at a retreat, in-person or online workshop! 

are you available to speak to my group/team/company?

Absolutely! The content of Root + Restore applies to just about everyone.

The program can be presented in an entire workshop format or a single module can be presented . If you would rather have us bring the content of Root + Restore to your own event, we would love to join you! Please email for more information. 

do you travel?

That's a strong heck yeah! We believe strongly in the message of Root + Restore, which is, at its core, "You are Enough". We love packing up and bringing that message to you. If you are hosting a retreat or workshop or conference and want us to join as your content provider, we'd love to see if we are a good fit! Please feel free to email for more information. 

is root + restore therapy?

No. Root + Restore is a program based in Counseling & Psychology. It is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for therapy. We are huge fans of counseling and self-improvement and will always support the decision to see a Licensed Professional Counselor! 

i am not a creative professional. does this information apply to me?

For sure! Root + Restore does not deal with improving marketing, forecasting or boosting your bottom line. Those things are important, but we would like to have a different conversation. If you are a small business owner, this information can be useful to you. If you are a manager and want to boost team cohesiveness and morale, this program can help with that. If you are in a professional capacity and have ever felt like you aren't quite enough, this program is designed to help you deal with those emotions. 

WHY DO YOU limit the number of members in each group?

In order for each workshop attendee to have the maximum amount of time to reflect on the content and share their experiences, we limit each group's participation to a maximum of 10 attendees, with the ideal number set at 8. We want each person who joins us to have the chance to share what is on their heart as well as hear feedback from other program attendees. We believe that for this particular program, small numbers add up to alot.