How We Came to Be

I’m not sure if you’ve heard our story, but with so many exciting changes happening and new friends coming on board, I wanted to take a minute to share it again. There are so many ways that Root & Restore could have never existed. The path to becoming just what we are today is full of twists and turns. Did you know that prior to ever being an entrepreneur, I earned a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling and worked in Higher Education? I loved being on college campuses and I love working with college students. I never, ever saw myself as an entrepreneur or a creative business owner.

Root & Restore came to exist because I first became a calligrapher. I felt compelled to try something for “me” after having a baby, and calligraphy piqued my interest. My husband encouraged me to really try it after confirming that I had skill in that area and I went for it. The only small problem was that while I loved creating beautiful work for other people, my heart was consistently set on fire not by the projects I delivered, but the people I met. I loved building relationships with new people and encouraging them in their creative businesses.

I would also receive incredible feedback from other creatives about how talented I was or how wonderful my work was. That was so nice to hear, but I seemed to constantly grapple with feelings of insecurity and self doubt. I constantly compared my work to others and if you’d have met me at the very beginning, my biggest goal was to be as good as a fellow calligrapher in the area. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but it was not right for me. To take all of my gifts and abilities and weigh them against another person who was presenting their very best work at all times was not fair to me and what I brought to the table.

As I began to build a creative community, I felt comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings with the people close to me and rather than feel alone in my struggles, they were shared and related to and time and again, my load was lightened in being honest about my internal struggles as a calligrapher. The more I had these types of discussions, the more I realized that I was truly not alone in my feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. I was not the only one struggling with negative self-talk and rampant comparison.

Then, a life changing question came to mind: Why are we not more honest about this? We don’t necessarily have to make our struggles the biggest part of our conversations or connections, but having the freedom to be genuine and vulnerable when it is appropriate can make a world of difference in our trusted, professional relationships.

I started Root & Restore because I believe that small business owners and creative entrepreneurs can thrive when given the space to be vulnerable and real about the hard parts of small business ownership.

We can more authentically connect and encourage each other when we are invited into the inner workings of the person behind the business and the brand.

The beauty of this type of connection is that when we work towards our goals, the small accomplishments become magnified because we are invested in the person and we know the significance of every step forward in their business growth. When we have difficult days and everything seems to be falling apart, the same people are able to step in and remind you of your greatness because they are invested in your day-to-day well-being.

Will you join us? We would love to have you attend a workshop or join us at a retreat. We are excited to meet you, just as you are.