Personality Type: What It Means for You

We all have a personality type- it’s something we’ve learned along the way in high school or college. We’ve taken the tests online and been told the color of our aura and our spirit animal.

This information can be fun and somewhat insightful, but most of us may not realize that there is great power in discovering the name of your personality type and our preferences for how we interact with the world. Learning this information about ourselves gives us an opportunity to harness powerful insight into the why behind our preferences for our interaction with the world and our behavior.


Root & Restore has teamed up with 16 Personalities to provide the comprehensive personality assessment used in our program. As you take the personality assessment, you may learn new insights into your personality. You may find that behaviors you have that have felt like simple quirks are actually a shared characteristic that many with your personality type have as well!

In order to help you better understand your preferences for interacting with the world, we would like to invite you to take the 16 Personalities assessment and download our free worksheet, linked below. This information comes directly from our workbook, so you’re getting an incredible inside peek at just a fraction of the content that Root & Restore participants engage in!

Did you find anything compelling in your personality assessment results, or did you uncover something significant in working through some of our content? Please share below- we would love to hear from you!

Click the link below to access your FREE download direct from the Root & Restore content!

Root & Restore Personality Type Download