The Root & Restore Experience

You walk into a room with 8 other people- some you may know and some you may not. You are met with kind smiles and a friendly welcome, but you’re still nervous. Could these people truly understand how hard it is for you to run your business? Could they honestly get that sometimes throwing in the towel seems so much easier than pushing through?

In your first session, you’re encouraged to share your story. You listen to each person go around and tell a small part of their journey and you’re a bit taken aback. You didn’t expect to hear so much that you would identify with coming from people that you may have heard of, but didn’t know directly. You leave with the nagging feeling that you just may not be as alone as you think you are.

The next week, you arrive to your workshop and you’ve done your homework. You know your personality type but don’t quite see how it plays into who you are as a business owner. Aren’t those two things separate? Catrina expertly guides you through another intriguing conversation in which you, alongside each of your group members, are encouraged to share any feedback or thoughts you might have over the week’s content. You start to connect the dots and leave the week’s session with a small glimmer of hope.

Maybe I AM supposed to be doing this and maybe who I am as a person is all a part of the bigger story!

As you arrive to your Root & Restore workshop for week 3, the knot in your stomach has changed from a sense of being unsure to a feeling of excitement. You’ve really enjoyed sharing your heart over the past few weeks and are looking forward to what is to come. Now that your group has taken some time to really build a foundation of rapport and trust among each other, it’s time to dig in a little deeper. Catrina seamlessly navigates the topic of the group as well as the group exercises and works implicitly to ensure that every voice that wants to be heard is heard.

There are some tears and some deep revelations that come to the surface. Connections that have previously been made are cemented as hearts are vulnerable and honest.


The entire time, Catrina is guiding your group along, making sure that each meeting is a safe place for you to go to be heard, seen and understood, not just by her but by your group members as well. Validation and respect are paramount and you start to uncover dreams and hopes for yourself and your business beyond what you could have ever dreamed. There is something to this and a new fire is being ignited in your heart.

In each of the subsequent meetings, the topic you cover builds on the previous weeks’ content and the group’s cohesiveness is further cemented. You laugh together, you cry together and you help each other navigate the breakthroughs that you didn’t expect to come.

The reason that the Root & Restore content works is because it doesn’t focus on itself as a program, it focuses on you. You are encouraged to self-reflect and share how the information impacts you, as well as your reflection on the insight that your group member share.

As you find yourself coming to the end of the 8-week workshop, you have found that, almost effortlessly, you are walking away with new connections and new friends who are not only interested in you as a person, but who are also deeply committed to the success of your business and the realization of your dreams. They want to stand with you in the hard days and celebrate the small accomplishments, because they all realize that the small accomplishments are the ones that lead to the big dreams being realized.

Your real and your messy and your hopeful are welcome here. We believe that is what makes you fabulously unique and we are honored to share it with you.