Life Without Root & Restore

By now, you probably know why Root & Restore exists. You know why we’re here and you have felt alot of the pangs of small business ownership along the way. Some of those negative feelings may look like:

  1. Doubt

  2. Insecurity

  3. Fear that you’re wasting your time

  4. Guilt

  5. Growing Pains

  6. Feeling like you aren’t enough

  7. Constantly fighting against personality quirks that you wish were different

  8. Feeling Alone

There’s so much more, but we don’t like to dwell on the negative.


Now, another thing you may already know from Root & Restore is that we aren’t afraid to talk about these topics. We are firm believers of the idea that when you share these burdens with community, you lighten the load. When the load of entrepreneurship is lightened, you have the freedom to dream bigger, work harder and go for your goals with confidence and joy.

Root & Restore doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be hard days along the way. However, we do guarantee that when the hard days come, you’ll be equipped to handle them in a way that doesn’t completely derail you.

Now, imagine what it could be like without Root & Restore. Without the tools and guidance established in our program, you are still guaranteed to have hard, disappointing days. You’re sure to have those days where you just don’t quite “feel like it”.

Rather than being able to be able to recognize your hard days as just that, a hard day that will pass, you may experience extreme doubt that your’e doing the right thing. You may be tempted to believe that your feelings of being alone are an indicator of your incredible isolation rather than an opportunity to engage in a community that deeply cares for you and genuinely wants to see you succeed. Even worse, you may believe that you are not actually intended to pursue this dream and you may choose to cut your losses and quit while you’re ahead. These are all relatively normal feelings, but they can feel debilitating when you don’t have the correct tools to combat them when they arise.

We want you to be equipped to handle the hard days when they come. Root & Restore can help.

Do you have any questions about how Root & Restore can help your business? We’d love to hear your thoughts!