A Brief History

I’ve always known that my passion was people. I have always been driven by learning what makes people tick and I never tire of hearing the stories of how you came to be the person you are today. I have always known that psychology was in my blood and I have always loved the subject.

I went to college to study psychology and actually had plans to marry two of my favorite topics: sports and psychology. This wasn’t exactly the way the plan worked out, but I did pursue psychology throughout my entire academic career.

I have an undergraduate degree from a very small Texas school named LeTourneau University and immediately went on to get my graduate degree in Community Counseling from Baylor University. (Sic ‘em!)

I’ve worked in many different arenas that integrate psychology- from Academic Advising to Career Counseling to Outreach and Planning. I’ve seen a lot and never seem to tire of the subject. How can you, when there are new people to meet and new stories to learn??

I never quite saw myself integrating the subjects of psychology and entrepreneurship, but doing so through the creation of Root & Restore has ignited a new passion in me that makes me so very excited for the future.

Having been a calligrapher for 3 years prior to starting Root & Restore, I have felt the glory and pain of entrepreneurship. I understand the crippling doubt and have felt the unquenchable excitement.

I have experienced the frustration of wishing that your skill could just be SEEN for what it’s worth and I have felt the pride of a positive review.

I understand having goals and dreams for your business and pouring your heart and soul into making them come true.


All of this, in addition to my academic and professional background, has led me to develop Root & Restore. I know because I have lived entrepreneurship and I am able because I have the education and experience to back my passion.

Root & Restore is the first program of its kind- an immersive program for entrepreneurs based in mental health and designed with you, the attendee, in mind. It offers a unique blend of psychology with an entrepreneurship focus and was created to grow and develop with you as you grow and develop.

I would love to meet you and can’t wait for you to join us on the journey through Root & Restore!