Giving From an Empty Cup

Do you ever feel empty and worn out? Like you're trying to give from a completely empty cup? 

Maybe your heart is totally in your craft, but getting down to the nitty gritty of checking off an endless to-do list can feel just about like climbing the Rockies. You could be feeling this way because you're dealing with something in life that has you overwhelmed or down. Maybe there is a big life change you're experiencing that has you distracted and feeling like you're not yourself. 

It can be so difficult to not want to fight against the the frustration that can come from feeling distracted and out of focus. Sometimes it feels like if you just push hard enough, you can figure it out and break through that wall. 

We hear popular phrases encouraging the consumption of all of the caffeine and all the hype music and all of the messages telling us to just keep pushing until we make it. However, what if sometimes, (not always), but sometimes, the answer is to just give yourself permission to rest? Permission to close the computer, put down the paint, NOT edit the pictures and take a day to just be? There are times when pushing through can be completely appropriate and VERY useful. There are also times when giving ourselves the space and grace to rest can not only recharge us in a significant way, but we can also position ourselves to do our best work. 

I encourage you to give yourself permission to rest and recover as you need to- as often as you need to. Sometimes this looks like a quick trip through the drive-thru at your favorite coffee shop to give you a pick-me-up. Sometimes this looks like taking a day off to rest and recover and spend time with the people you love.  

The work will still be there, as will your talent and the demands of this amazing job you've created for yourself. Maybe, just maybe, you'll do better work faster because you're doing it from a place of investment in yourself rather from giving from an empty cup. 

Cheering you on, always.