Have you ever struggled to make eye contact with the person in front of you... your heart is pounding and and your mouth goes dry because you're trying to find the right words to say? You're about to share something big with them- something you've never said out loud but that means SO much to you. You're about to take the leap and be vulnerable. 

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is hard. It's terrifying and keeping to yourself feels safe. It feels like you're betraying your instinct to self-protect, and what if your vulnerability isn't received well? What if they don't get the weight of what your heart is trying to say, or what if they just don't care? 

But.... what if they do? What if your choice to be vulnerable shows strength and truth, because we really can't do it all alone? What if your vulnerability shows and the person you confide in utters some of the most powerful words in our language, "me too"? 

As we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable with people who we trust and care for, we give space for authenticity to grow. As uncomfortable as vulnerability can sometimes be, it opens the door for genuine relationship to develop. It gives the other person the freedom to share their own insecurities and concerns, which are deeply personal to them. As the freedom to be authentic is created, the ability for genuine connection is strengthened and we are able to begin to form trust in our relationships. True trust, where we know that the friends we have can love and support us when we are at our very best and at our very worst. 

Vulnerability is never easy. It is scary and uncomfortable. In a world where we can be easily tempted to post perfectly curated squares and are motivated by likes and comments, vulnerability can seem like the last thing we want to do. However, it can be a vital part of  helping us to develop true, lasting and genuine relationships. What steps towards vulnerability can you take today?