You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers!

Here at Root & Restore, we are so excited for just about every opportunity we get to share more about our mission and our desire to help each creative entrepreneur experience wellness with regard to mental health. We have created and developed a product we are thrilled to share with the national creative community, and we are excited to use this year to develop as many resources as we can to help provide mental health support for our community.

Granted, since we’re one of the first to develop a product like Root & Restore, we get lots of questions about it.

The good news: we love answering your questions!

So, to help you have a better idea of what Root & Restore offers and how it can help you, here’s a compilation of some of our most recently and frequently asked questions.


What's the difference between Workshops & Retreats?

Workshops and Retreats are the same exact program! The only difference is that workshops are offered in once-a-week meetings over an 8-week time span and retreats offer the same program over a 3 day period.

Workshops are a great fit for the busy entrepreneur that can't get away but can spare an hour and a half once a week.

Retreats are wonderful for the entrepreneur who wants to completely unplug and be pampered for a weekend! Once you've registered and reserved your spot, you simply have to pack a bag and show up. Everything else is taken care of!

What if I haven’t made a sale?

I have to be honest, I actually love this question. The reason for this is that no one is exempt from experiencing insecurity, self-doubt, comparison or struggling with ineffective self-talk. The most seasoned entrepreneur can struggle with these feelings, just like the brand new entrepreneur who hasn’t made a single sale.

If you are able to attend a workshop or retreat and have made all of zero sales so far, the program information will apply to you. You will be able to participate in discussing how our thoughts influence our emotions, which influence our behaviors. You will be able to participate in our insecurity exercises and share what kind of self-care is most effective in your life. You can still take a personality test and share how you foresee your personality type influencing how you run your business.

All of that to say, you are MORE than welcome to join us if you’ve made 100,000 sales, or zero sales! We value you and your story equally and we are honored to celebrate all steps forward. Why? Because we believe that every step forward in a business is significant to the owner.

How can I be involved if I'm not local to Houston?

Excellent question! You can participate in Root & Restore in three separate ways if you are not local to Houston.

1. Join us for a retreat! If you want to get out of town and can make a retreat, we would love to host you!

2. We are offering online workshops starting February 21, 2019. You can be anywhere that has internet connection and we would love to host you! These are the same format as the Houston workshops, which will include one hour and a half time commitment each week for 8 weeks.

3. Sign up for a one-on-one consulting session with Catrina. Consultation sessions are available on a flexible schedule and can be booked one-at-a-time or in multiple sessions. We can meet virtually, allowing you to be anywhere in the world!

What if I’m super introverted?

We are so excited for you to join us! Here at Root & Restore, we value each and every person we meet, and we work hard to honor each person’s story and personality preference.

As we work thorough the Root & Restore material, if you feel comfortable sharing, we would love to hear your heart! If you don’t you are never pressured to do so. We understand that sharing your story is an honor and we respond accordingly.

If you choose to attend a retreat and you’re very introverted, we offer lots of down time built into our schedule so that you can take time to rest and recover as you wish. This can mean a nap, a walk on the beach, or any solo activity that re-energizes you.

Who is Root & Restore for?

Great question! Root & Restore is for any entrepreneur who feels confident in their skills and gifts and owns a business OR plans to open a business. Root & Restore is designed for a solo entrepreneur to join a group, or the program fits perfectly in a team-building format to boost team cohesiveness and morale.

Essentially, if you are a business owner or work for a small business, Root & Restore is for you!

If you feel capable in your business and know that you have what it takes to be a small-business owner but sometimes struggle with feeling insecure or alone in feelings of self-doubt or comparison, Root & Restore is for you.

Our vision for this program is that we can come alongside you to give you an opportunity to address common issues related to mental health and equip you to combat those stressors as they arise.

Root & Restore is not meant to be therapy. We do, however, encourage you to find a licensed professional counselor if you feel that therapy is appropriate for you and your current life stage.

I want to purchase the program and hold my own group. How can I do this?

We hear you and we are thrilled that you want to bring Root & Restore to your community! Please stay tuned, as we are planning to offer details on this option starting late 2019!

Is there food?

YASSSS, BOO! If you haven’t noticed, we love to eat ‘round these parts! For every workshop and retreat, we have catered meals brought in to make sure you leave us with a full heart and a full belly.

Catrina knows her gifts, and speaking life and encouragement into people is one of them. Cooking beautiful meals in a timely manner is not. Ha! So, we invite local caterers to join us in our mission to love you well by providing our workshops and retreats with beautiful, delicious, nourishing food.

We can’t wait to break bread with you!

Can you give me any tips for getting out of a slump?

Thank you so much for asking this question!

First off: you aren't alone. We have been there and we know how it feels. Just to encourage you, this is only temporary. Keep hanging on and pushing through... this won't last forever!

Now, for some actionable tips that you can implement:

1. Step away from your computer/office/workspace.

2. Give yourself permission to rest.

  • We love our "Self-Care Quickie" download! This is the perfect guide to giving yourself an instant, mid-day boost!

3. Do something that fills you up.

  • Some ideas:

o Go for a walk/run

o Watch your favorite show

o Read a book

o Take a nap/bath (as your schedule allows)

4. Give yourself TIME to get out of a slump. Take it day by day and don't rush yourself. Celebrate your small wins and allow space for those wins to build upon themselves.

5. Be kind to yourself! We can be the harshest, most brutal critics of ourselves. There is space for grace and you are worthy of showing yourself kindness.

Well, there you have it! Thank you so much for sharing your questions with us and we hope that each one is useful!