When Everything is Not as it Seems

“Your business seems to be just taking off!”

Let’s be absolutely clear: that comment was nothing but kind. The tone was full of encouragement and came from a place of sincerity. I smiled and gave a heart-felt “thank you!”, but the old familiar knot in my stomach returned.

They didn’t see my business bank account, or lack thereof. They didn’t see the up-all-night hours I was pulling just to finish calligraphy projects because I wasn’t doing a great job at balancing motherhood, “wifehood” and “small-business ownership-hood” (Can we make words up around here? Yes? OK, good. ha!). They couldn’t see how much I was starting to resent calligraphy, or how I couldn’t see the beautiful work I was creating beyond the imperfections that I nitpicked at the completion of every project.

I was tired. I was weary and I was, to be honest, sick of feeling like a failure at every turn. Social Media felt like a lie, because I was posting beautiful content and celebrating the gorgeous work of my colleagues while feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed.

The business I’d created to give me space to fuel my creative passions seemed to be taking far more than what it was giving. My well had run dry.

I’m not sure if you can identify with this, but what I really needed was not a break. I needed balance. Congruence, if you will. I needed my dreams to match my desires and I needed to allow myself space to love what I was creating.

The dream for you, dear friend, is that through Root & Restore, we are able to help you find congruence in your life as well. Balance. Confidence. Perspective. Tools to meet the difficulties of entrepreneurship, head on.

We know that you are excellent at your craft. We know that you love the work you do as an entrepreneur. We are confident that you are uniquely equipped to change the world and/or your corner of the world by pursuing hard after your dreams.

We also know that sometimes, the work is hard. We know that you can get overwhelmed and burnt out. We understand that it is easy to compare your journey to the carefully curated, edited narrative that social media tells. We know what it feels like to feel insecure.


I’ve been there before, and to be honest, I’m there sometimes now. Struggling with self-doubt and comparison will likely be a part of the business journey forever, just like business planning and goal setting will be. The good comes with the bad, and our ultimate goal is to equip you to manage the difficult days as they arise.

You don’t need to go it alone. We’re in your corner, honored to celebrate the good with you and humbled to stand with you and encourage you when things get hard. This is Root & Restore.