The Vulnerable Beauty of Community

Her voice trembled as she spoke up. Tears filled her eyes as she shared her heart. She was starting to experience incredible business growth and all of her work was paying off. Everything she’d worked for to this point was starting to pay off, but she couldn’t help but struggle to feel seen and loved in her relationships.

Everything was falling into place, except this one piece. And it hurt.


Vulnerability in community makes community work.

As her group members heard her story and identified with her heart, other tears were shed. Maybe her group members couldn’t identify exactly with her feelings, but they could understand the desire of her heart. They wanted her to know that she was not alone.

This is the power of vulnerability in community. As we discuss business, so much can be learned and implemented to help us become better entrepreneurs.

However, opening up the conversation to how we feel and the state of our hearts helps us to clear away the cloud of isolation and reengage our business ownership with renewed intensity and focus.

Joining a community of entrepreneurs who feels and values vulnerability in the same way that you do allows you to have a safe place to share exactly who you are, with all pretension aside. You can be shy, introspective, verbally process, make jokes or cry. You can share your reactions to your group members and come together to create an outcome that you may never have uncovered on your own.

Here at Root & Restore, we care deeply about the success of your business. We want you to master marketing and obliterate your branding. We want you to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams and do it with the utmost confidence in your ability. We also believe that as you have a group of fellow entrepreneurs who have seen you share your heart and have shared their true selves with you, you are more closely intertwined and can encourage each other at the heart of issues that arise.

Some of you may need to laugh through the frustration, and some need a safe place to shed tears. Some need to sit in silence and some need to talk through every possibility. The Root & Restore community is equipped to do meet you in every aspect because through our program, we have created a place for you to be vulnerable and real. Your real is welcome and celebrated here.