When Life Asks You to Stretch

Hello, friend! I'm not sure about you, but 2019 has been full of surprises so far. Some of them have been more than I could have imagined or asked for, and some have forced me to come to some difficult realizations. Things that I was sure would work out have fallen to the wayside, and things that I never considered have come to pass.


In the midst of life being full of surprises, I have also found myself doing the routine work necessary to maintain balance at home. It’s been a time of reflection, re-calibration, refocus and in a word, stretching. I have been forced to let go of some ideas that I had and be open to new opportunities that I didn’t plan for.

It’s been an interesting time of disappointment and hope, sadness and excitement. I’ve gone from frustration to clarity to determination in a matter of days and I’ve been forced to let go of certain plans to embrace new opportunities.

Not every change has been heartbreaking and not every change has been ideal, but what they have been is affirming. I have never felt more sure that Root & Restore is where I belong and what I am supposed to be doing.

I do believe that life has a way of igniting a passion within you and then helping you to navigate the journey towards realizing that passion in a way that fits your life story and your gifts.

This is why every person’s journey doesn’t look the same, regardless of the similarity of their profession. When life put me in a situation where I had no choice but to accept what is, I have been encouraged that when we loosen our grip on our specific plans, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. This does not guarantee an easy time, nor does it guarantee complete clarity in every aspect at all times. What it does guarantee is that as we work towards our callings and the fire in our hearts, we may find that life stretches us to meet our goal and achieve more than we might have thought possible.

Are you currently being stretched in your life? What does that look like for you? I would love to hear your story!