Root & Restore Program- ALL Digital Chapters & Videos


Root & Restore Program- ALL Digital Chapters & Videos


Welcome to Root & Restore! This program works through 8 major topics that apply to entrepreneurs.

The topics are as follows:

  1. Sharing Your Story

  2. Personality Type

  3. Insecurity

  4. Self-Talk

  5. Comparison

  6. I’ve Achieved Success, Now What?

  7. Tangible Tools for Success

  8. Community

This purchase includes a digital download of the Root & Restore workbook, in addition to introductory and supplemental videos for each chapter.

BONUS: Each purchase of the entire collection of chapter downloads and videos includes the delivery of a Root & Restore workbook, free of charge!

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In your digital download, you will find three videos and one PDF to download.

The PDF aligns with the chapter that you have purchased and will guide you through the Root & Restore content.

To watch the videos, start with the Introduction video. This will open up conversation for the entire program and will prepare you to engage with the overall Root & Restore content. Next, watch the short chapter specific video that prepares you to engage in the chapter that you have purchased.

Once you have watched the first two videos, work through the Root & Restore chapter with your group.

When your group has completed the chapter, watch the Conclusion video to end your time together.