Root + Restore is a workshop and retreat for creatives that was born out of a place of need.

A knowledge that there has to be something more to creating beautiful content to please aesthetics.

A constant, nagging feeling that I may not be good enough.

I somehow don’t measure up. Entrepreneurship is hard. We are here to help.



If we're being honest, we can all admit that sometimes, small business ownership is hard. The good days are glorious and the bad days can feel crushing. Root + Restore exists to start the conversation about why the bad days are so difficult and what to do about the nagging feeling that somehow, we may not be good enough.

We exist to facilitate the conversation that not only allows you to talk about the difficult parts of entrepreneurship, but also provides you with real, tangible tools to combat those feelings when they arise. In addition to providing you with tangible tools to combat the natural vulnerability of small business ownership, we also facilitate a community in which being genuine is encouraged. We want you to be real because we believe that being true to who you are facilitates a more genuine, authentic business that people are automatically attracted to.

Now is the time to take the leap and join us. Make the effort to invest in you and as a result, invest in bigger dreams and more heart for your business. When you join a Root & Restore workshop or retreat, you are saying yes to equipping yourself with tangible ways to manage the negative feelings that come with insecurity, comparison, self-talk and more. You will walk away feeling seen, heard and understood. You will have joined a community who not only stands with you in the hard times but who truly celebrates your small victories, because we know that the small victories lead to the big ones.

Will you make a bet on you? We can’t wait to meet you!


I have taken away new information through processes or ideas that stick with me without realizing it.

Then, when I hit an emotional snag, there's this brilliant thing I learned from other creatives to give new perspective to the situation.





CAtrina Ballard, Ms ed

Hi there! I am so glad that you're here. To give you a bit of background on myself – I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Community Counseling. I spent 8 years in higher education providing services ranging from advising to student services and outreach programming. 

I first joined Houston’s creative community after my oldest son was born and I realized I was “pretty good” at calligraphy. I spent almost three years as a stay at home mom and part-time calligrapher, developing friendships and building relationships along the way. My favorite part of being in the creative community was meeting new people and building relationships with people that inspire and encourage me with their creative skills.

 As I heard the stories of the people I felt closest to and reflected on my own vulnerabilities and insecurities, a tiny, wisp of a thought flickered in my head. Why aren’t we talking about what we’re afraid of? Why can’t we be more honest about the fact that owning a business is really hard work? Does anyone else KNOW that EVERYONE else isn’t perfect?

Root + Restore exists because I accidentally let this thought slip and I said it out loud once. A dear friend of mine pounced, pushed me to take the answers to my questions seriously, and truly, the rest is history. I wrote the content of Root + Restore in a matter of weeks and launched two pilot groups in 2017.

I am proud to bring Root & Restore to the creative community and beyond. It is the first program of its kind and cares not only for the individual, but the heart of the individual as well. Together, we can stand up to the hard parts of entrepreneurship and spread the message that we are not alone.

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to meet you!